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Indus Dyeing and Manufacturing

Trophy awarded by Chambers of commerce & Industry
Indus Dyeing & Mfg. Co. Ltd. was established in 1957. The company has a spinning factory at Hyderabad of 37000 spindles (divided into Mill 1,Mill 2 & Mill 3) and another unit in Muzaffargarh of 15360 spindles. It is a public limited company and is listed on Karachi Stock Exchange. Over the years, it has shown a outstanding export performance for which it has earned trophies for highest export in cotton yarn from the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry. In addition to manufacturing and exporting cotton yarn, it also exports raw cotton, mainly to Japan.
 Sunrays Textile Mills Ltd
Sunrays Textile Mills Limited, was established in 1987 as a public limited company and is listed on Karachi Stock Exchange. The company operates a spinning unit of 19,200 spindles in Muzaffargarh (40km from Multan), which started commercial production in 1991.
Yusuf Textile Mills Ltd
Yusuf Textiles Mills Limited, a public limited company listed on Karachi Stock Exchange was set up in 1966. It consists of 15,696 spindles located in Karachi. Its production facilities have been modernised over the years and latest automatic cone winding machines of Murata, drawing machines of Toyoda and Toyoda ring frames have been installed.
Cotton Ginning & Seed-Crushing Factories
The group has been operating ginning factories since 1960. These are located near Multan, in Shujabad, Gellawala and Bahadurpur, the prime cotton-growing region in Punjab. Annual production of these factories is over 100,000 cotton bales (16,000 tons)